Why metal siding?

Low maintenance: Compared to other forms of siding, metal siding endures with minimal attention for longer; when you do need to clean it or replace it, that’s cheaper and easier, too.

Heat, cold, and moisture resistance: With the way weather in New Orleans so rapidly changes over the seasons and even within a single day, siding that can endure it all makes a great choice.

Mold and mildew-proof: With no room for moisture to settle in, there’s no room for hazardous or destructive growth of mold and fungus.

Immune to pest damage: Many forms of siding and cheaper paints can be subject to damage from a variety of pests; metal is largely immune to this problem.

Imitate the aesthetic of more expensive or fragile sidings: Modern metal siding can look like anything you like, much like modern metal roofing. Aesthetics which couldn’t traditionally endure New Orleans’ weather are now an option.

Cheap, quick installation and upkeep: Compared to most other options, metal siding goes up remarkably fast — and it’s easy to replace sections without causing a clash down the line.

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Sturdy alternative to paint

If you’re looking for a sturdy alternative to painting your home or shop, you might be best served by metal siding. With a sturdy metal siding in place, your structure can maintain simple elegance no matter what the New Orleans weather throws at it. Not only does Strong Shield metal siding offer you long-lasting protection against the elements, it’s inexpensive and easily maintained.

Understanding your options

Metal siding comes in quite a few designs, with choices available for any range of budgets. Whether you’re aiming to squeeze in under a tight budget or build the sturdiest, most beautiful, most energy efficient structure possible, there’s an option out there for you.

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