What you gain with premium roofing

Durability: A good roof lasts longer with less attention, which means you save big in the long term. This holds especially true in New Orleans, where weather frequently takes a turn for the worst and shreds the roofs of poorly built homes.

Energy efficiency: Top notch roofing means you get premium materials designed to adhere to modern Energy Star standards. Even infamously inefficient solutions such as shingles can be made to high-efficiency standards now, improving your energy bill by leaps and bounds.

Safety: A good roof doesn’t leak and destroy your attic, it doesn’t house pests that infest your home, it doesn’t collapse in bad weather and hurt someone. And if you find yourself facing the horrors of a home fire, you’ll be very glad you invested in a good roof.

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Stand up to the New Orleans Climate!

In New Orleans, the quality of your house’s construction matters far more than it might in other regions of the country. Between high levels of humidity, severe weather, unusual pests, and other factors, you need a home that can stand up to whatever nature throws at it without blinking. When you start thinking about building or remodeling a home that can do that, you need to start with premium roofing.

Making your decision

When choosing roofing, you may have to decide between a few different options. Whether shingles, tile, metal, or some other material best suits your home will depend on a lot of factors: your budget, your timeline, your preferred aesthetic, etc.

Whether you’re worried about long-term maintenance costs, energy efficiency, or fragility inviting damage to the rest of your home, few investments make more sense for a home. If you want to get the best roof for your home, you should discuss your options with Strong Shield Siding and figure out the perfect fit.