Considering shutters? Consider this:

When it comes to exterior window shutters, you need a specially trained professional to assess and recommend the appropriate shutters. Due to the importance of mounting, drainage, and hinging the window shutters properly, shutters are typically available to new construction. Are you renovating? Let the experts at Strong Shield review your plans to see if these energy saving window treatments can be included.

Solid shutters are the best defense against heat loss through windows during the cold months, and sun gain during the hot months. Are you contemplating the cost of window shutters versus the value? Your energy bills will reflect the long-term savings over the installation price. Strong Shield Siding's team of professional exterior contractors will make the recommendation for your visual, financial, and structural needs.

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Stay cool all year long!

Hot summer days and rains that have a reputation not only for making things steamy, but adding wear and tear to your home's insulation system - in New Orleans, property owners trust Strong Shield Siding to assess the property, recommend appropriate window treatments, and install the shutters. Did you know that exterior shutters provide incomparable window insulation? The expert contractors at Strong Shield Siding know the facts, and will deliver the options to meet your insulation needs. The best part: the variety of options will give your house enhanced curb appeal.

Improve your home with shutters

Besides the weather protection factor, window shutters add value by becoming a physical barrier that can protect windows during extreme weather. These fashionable window accessories save energy, save money, and help minimize the possibility of window damage during storms.

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